As you may know, we chose Codalab as a platform for hosting this challenge. Unfortunately, Codalab had a big crash this summer and our competition was totally erased. No back up available!

We are glad to announce we finished re-implementing the challenge on Codalab and have set the new deadline to January 15th. This should give participants enough time for submissions. The new link to the competition is this:

Also, we have uploaded a new version of the challenge datasets after correcting a problem with a couple of SPHERE IFS datasets (missing frames reported by Philippe Delorme). The link to the Zenodo repository is this:

Finally, we would like to pre-announce a Workshop on HCI post-processing to be held in Germany, at the end of January 2020. One of the goals of this workshop will be gathering the participants of the Exoplanet Imaging Challenge, discussing algorithms and the final results. Stay tuned!