• How can I participate? Where is the competition?

    The challenge is hosted on Codalab, a framework for accelerating reproducible computational research used by many researchers in the machine learning and medical imaging communities. You need to follow this link to acces the exoplanet imaging data challenge. If this is your first time on Codalab, please sign up by entering a user name, a password and a valid e-mail address (that’s it).

  • Can I submit results corresponding to only a subset of the proposed datasets?

    You can participate in either sub-challenge (see the sub-challenges section) by submitting the detection maps corresponding to each dataset (nine for the first sub-challenge and ten for the second one) and a detection threshold. A partial submission for a given sub-challenge is possible, e.g. five detection maps for the first sub-challenge (instead of nine), but that will penalize the metrics computations and your score (see the metrics section).

  • Can I modify or edit a submission?

    No, Codalab does not allow to edit submissions. You just need to resubmit and the new score (if better than the previous ones) will be shown on the scoreboard.